Terms & Conditions

1.1 The "Service" means the chauffeur service rendered by Buddys to the Member in terms of this Agreement;
1.2 "Service call out" means the action in which the Member requests the Service from a Collection Point to the Drop Off Point;
1.3 "Monthly Membership Fee" means the membership fee payable on a monthly basis as outlined in the Rates Schedule
1.4 "Pre Booking" means a Service Call Out made at least 3 (three) hours prior to the collection time;
1.5 "Ad Hoc Booking" means a Service Call Out by a member requesting a collection time within 3 (three) hours of that Collection Time;
1.6 "Operating Hours" means from 18h00 (pm) to 01h00 (am) the following day from a Sunday to a Wednesday; from 16h00 (pm) to 03h00 (am) on a Thursday and Friday and from 16h00 (pm) to 00h00 (am) on a Saturday.
1.7 "Collection Point" means the address from which the Member requests to be collected for the purposes of using the service;
1.8 "Collection Time" means the time at which the Driver arrives at the Collection Point;
1.9 "Driver" means a person employed by Buddys as a chauffeur;
1.10 "Service Area" means the geographical area in which Buddys provides the service, as outlined on the website www.buddys.ae from time to time;
1.11 "Drop Off Point" means the address where the Member requests to be dropped off on completion of the Service;
1.12 "Member" means the person who enters into this agreement with Buddys;
1.13 "Secondary Member" means an individual, being a spouse or direct family of the member, whom the Member nominates to use the Service in terms of this agreement;
1.14 "Members vehicle" means the vehicle the Member requires the Driver to operate;
1.15 The "Agreement" means this agreement and is inclusive of the Rates Schedule;
1.16 The "Rates Schedule" means the schedule in which all the charges and applicable fees in respect of the Service are set out;
1.17 Buddys means Buddys Businessmen Services LLC (License No 700305) and Buddy's Businessmen UK Ltd (09130638), 1-4 Argyll Street, London, United Kingdom, W1F 7LD

Service Provided
2.1 Buddys will provide the Service to the Member during the Operating Hours and within the Service Area.
2.2 The Member undertakes to provide his full co-operation in order for Buddys to carry out the Service.
2.3 The Service will be provided as follows:
2.3.1 The Member must contact the Buddys call centre to log a Service Call Out.
2.3.2 Buddys will attend to the Service Call Out.
2.3.3 The Member will only be transported from the Collection Point to the Drop Off Point in a motor vehicle provided by the Member.
2.3.4 Service call outs must be logged with the Buddys call centre at least 30 minutes prior to the closure of the Buddys call center, the Operating Hours of which are outlined in 1.6 above;
2.3.5 The Member is obliged to remain contactable by the Call Centre after logging a Service Call Out and provide access to the Driver to enter the Collection Point.
2.3.6 The Member shall ensure that Buddys personnel have clear and unimpeded access to the Collection Point at all times relevant to the execution of the Service.
2.3.7 Upon arrival of the Driver at the Collection Point, the driver shall wait for a period of ten minutes for the Member to identify themselves. The Member is obliged to keep a lookout for the Driver at the Collection Point. Upon expiry of the ten minutes the Driver shall be entitled to leave the Collection Point without the Member. Buddys shall be entitled to charge the Member the applicable cancellation fee as outlined in clause 2.3.10 contained herein.
2.3.8 Buddys will endeavour to arrive at the Collection Point within fifteen minutes of the Pre-Booking time and thirty minutes of the Ad-hoc booking time.
2.3.9 The Member may be required to produce acceptable proof of identification when using the Service.
2.3.10 Should the Member cancel the Service Call Out within 1 hour of the Collection Time, the Member shall be liable for 75% of the applicable charge as per the Rates Schedule.
2.3.11 In respect of Service Call Outs booked for New Year’s Eve (31 December) no Ad Hoc bookings will be accepted and the Service must accordingly be Pre-booked. Pre-bookings are taken on a first come first service basis and will close once the available number of bookings, as determined by Buddys has been made.
2.3.12 Should Buddys anticipate an exceptionally high demand for trips as a result of a scheduled sporting, entertainment or cultural event, Buddys reserves the right to implement a no Ad Hoc bookings policy on those specifically nominated days during which the Service must accordingly be Pre-booked. Pre-bookings are taken on a first come first service basis and will close once the available number of bookings, as determined by Buddys has been made.

Secondary Members
3.1 Secondary Members are required to accept the Buddys standard terms and conditions of service, including indemnifying Buddys on similar terms as contained in clause 8 (eight) herein before making use of the Service
3.2 The Member may add Secondary Members by way of notice to Buddys at any point during the period of this agreement.
3.3 An additional secondary membership fee will be charged for each Secondary Member, as set out in the Rates Schedule.
3.4 The Member undertakes to pay all charges incurred by the Secondary Member in using the Service, as set out in the Rates Schedule.

Charges & Payment for the Service
4.1 The Member shall pay monthly in advance, the monthly subscription charge as set out in the Rates Schedule.
4.2 The Member shall pay monthly in arrears, the total charges incurred by the member in respect of the services rendered as set out in the Rates Schedule;
4.3 Buddys may increase the Monthly Membership Fee and amend the Terms & Conditions of this Agreement from time to time subject to 30 (thirty) days’ notice to the Member;
4.4 Buddys reserves the right to amend the Rates Schedule from time to time subject to 30 days notice;
4.5 The Member shall not be entitled to withhold payment of any amount due to Buddys in terms of this agreement for any reason other than valid termination;

Credit Card Collection & Payment Instruction
5.1 The Member hereby authorises Buddys to draw against his/her credit card account, all charges in respect of the Service and the applicable Monthly Membership Fee as set out in the Rates Schedule. All such withdrawals from the Member’s credit card shall be treated as though they had been signed by the Member personally;
5.2 The Member hereby authorises Buddys to debit the Members credit card on any day of the month as deemed suitable by Buddys, in an attempt to further ensure the successful debit of the monthly membership and service fees incurred;
5.3 All credit/debit cards’ details or information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties;
5.4 We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard credit or debit cards in UAE Dirhams;

Duration of Agreement
6.1 This Agreement will be effective from date of signature hereto and shall remain in force until cancelled by the Member or Buddys;
6.2 The Member acknowledges that Buddys is a demand driven business that is required to manage its operational resources depending on the number of members at any given time. The Member acknowledges that the Monthly Membership Fee is integral in covering Buddys costs to maintain the required operational resources.

Cancellation of the Agreement
7.1 Buddys reserves the right to terminate this Agreement should the member default on their Monthly Membership Fee. In the event of termination the Member shall forfeit all rights to their Buddys membership during that period over which the debit proved to be unsuccessful or upon non-payment of the Monthly Membership Fee or Service Call Out fee as outlined in the Rates Schedule.
7.2 Buddys may at its sole discretion deem a Member’s membership to have lapsed upon the non-payment of the Monthly Membership Fee or Service Call Out fee and may reactivate/terminate the membership unless notified to the contrary by the Member.
7.3 The Member may terminate this agreement at any time by giving one calendar months’ notice to Buddys. The Member must cancel their membership by contacting Buddys on 800 28 33 97 (800 BUDDYS) or via email to info@buddys.ae
7.4 The parties expressly agree that Buddys has the right to terminate this Agreement at any stage, at its sole discretion, on 20 (twenty) business days’ written notice to the Member. In the event of Buddys terminating this agreement, the Member shall be refunded any advanced payments already paid by the Member on the date of such termination.

8.1 Buddys thoroughly screens all drivers and takes reasonable steps to ensure that all drivers are competent. Due the nature of the service Buddys cannot guarantee a drivers performance and accordingly, and as an essential term of this contract, the Member is required to ensure the vehicles insurance extends to the use by the Buddys driver (See Clause 8.3 below) and irrevocably indemnifies Buddys against any claim by the Member or any person transported by Buddys with the Member or at the Member’s request arising out of, or in connection with any negligent conduct of a Buddys driver.
8.2 Whilst all reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that drivers are available and on time, Buddys does not warrant the Service to the Member in case of unforeseen circumstances or times of unexpected demand and the Member hereby waives his right to claim compensation of any kind in respect of such occurrence.
8.3 The Member warrants that it has the adequate and appropriate insurance cover in place in respect of the Members vehicle which extends to the use thereof by alternate drivers and alternate drivers under the age of 25 (twenty-five), so as to include any Buddys representative providing the Service.

Privacy Policy
9.1 This policy applies only to activities Buddys engages in on its website and does not apply to Buddys activities that are "offline" or unrelated to the website. Buddys collects certain anonymous data regarding the usage of the website – www.buddys.ae. This information does not personally identify users, by itself or in combination with other information, and is gathered to improve the performance of the website. The anonymous data collected by the Buddys website can include information such as the type of browser you are using, and the length of the visit to the website. You may also be asked to provide personally identifiable information on the Buddys website, which may include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information can be gathered when feedback or e-mails are sent to Buddys, when you register for services, or make purchases via the website. In all such cases you have the option of providing us with personally identifiable information.
9.2 Cookies are small bits of data cached in a user’s browser. Buddys utilizes cookies to determine whether or not you have visited the home page in the past. However, no other user information is gathered.
9.3 Use and disclosure of Information. Except as otherwise stated below, we do not sell, trade or rent your personally identifiable information collected on the site to others. The information collected by our site is used to process your membership, to keep you informed about your membership status, to notify you of products or special offers that may be of interest to you, and for statistical purposes for improving our site. We will disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties to process your check or money order, as appropriate, fill your order, improve the functionality of our site, perform statistical and data analyses, activate your membership and deliver promotional emails to you from us.
9.4 Buddys may use non-personal "aggregated data" to enhance the operation of our website, or analyze interest in the areas of our website. Moreover, we may in some circumstances disclose personally identifiable information to third parties to enhance your experience on our website. Additionally, if you provide Buddys with content for publishing or feedback, we may publish your user name or other identifying data with your permission.
9.5 Buddys may also disclose personally identifiable information in order to respond to a subpoena, court order or other such request. Buddys may also provide such personally identifiable information in response to a law enforcement agencys request or as otherwise required by law. Your personally identifiable information may be provided to a party if there is a transfer of the assets or ownership of Buddys in connection with proposed or consummated corporate reorganizations, such as mergers or acquisitions.
9.6 Buddys is not responsible for the privacy policies of websites to which it links. If you provide any information to such third parties different rules regarding the collection and use of your personal information may apply. We strongly suggest you review such third parties privacy policies before providing any data to them. We are not responsible for the policies or practices of third parties. Please be aware that our sites may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. The information practices of those Web sites linked to our site is not covered by this Policy. These other sites may send their own cookies or clear GIFs to users, collect data or solicit personally identifiable information. We cannot control this collection of information. You should contact these entities directly if you have any questions about their use of the information that they collect.
9.7 Buddys takes appropriate steps to ensure data privacy and security including through various hardware and software methodologies. If you wish to modify or update any information Buddys has received, please contact info@buddys.ae
9.8 Buddys reserves the rights to modify its privacy policy at any time and will notify you by posting an amendment to the privacy policy on the website. Such modifications will become effective on the day they are posted.

Refund Policy / Cancellations
10.1 In compliance with trading laws and best practice, members have the right to cancel their membership within 7 days of signing up and a full refund of membership subscription will be issued within 30 days. In the event that the Member has used the service during this seven day period, whilst the membership subscription shall be refunded in full, the Members shall remain liable for any trip charges accumulated during this 7 day period.
10.2 In the event that Buddys fails to deliver its driver on demand service within a reasonable period of time from the agreed collection time, the member shall be refunded their full monthly subscription for the applicable billing month provided the member has not made use of the service on other occasions during the course of that billing month.
10.3 Buddys will however, in keeping with its ethical policies review the circumstances and where appropriate, may refund a part or all of the fees at its discretion.

Outstanding Charges
11.1 The Member agrees to pay any costs incurred by Buddys for the collection of outstanding monies owed to Buddys by the Member including all legal charges on the scale as between attorney and own client.
11.2 Where payment of any amount due is not made on due date, Buddys may charge interest on the outstanding amount at the rate of 10% per annum.

12.1 The parties hereby agree that Buddys is entitled to cede any part or all of its obligations under the Agreement, including and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, its obligations relating to the Service and that it shall have the right to assign any or all of its rights, acquired in terms of the Agreement, at any time and to any entity.

Domicilium Citandi Et Executandi
12.1 The parties choose as their domicilium et executandi for all purposes under this Agreement, whether in respect of court process, notices or other documents or communications of whatsoever nature, the following addresses:
12.2 Buddys – 204 Bedaia Building, Al Barsha, Dubai, U.A.E.
12.3 The Member – the email address and or cell phone number for short message service notification as provided by the Member under Member Details in this Agreement

13.1 The Member consents to Buddys sending various communications including invoices and statements through various means including but not limited to email, SMS, telephonic and AVM to the contact details as provided by the Member in this Agreement.
13.2 The Member hereby agrees that Buddys may, in addition to any of its other rights in terms of the Agreement or otherwise, list any default information on the Member with any credit information bureau, and the Member agrees to disclosure by Buddys to any third party, of any information pertaining to the Member to the extent that any such disclosure is necessary for the conduct of Buddys business, or is required by any relevant statute or regulation.
13.3 As the service provider under the Agreement, Buddys shall be entitled to sub-contract its obligations under this Agreement provided that the sub-contracted service provider shall be liable to the Member for the performance of the Service.
13.4 The Member agrees that the Agreement and in particular the face page thereof, may be scanned and the paper version destroyed, and hereby waives their right to dispute the authenticity of the scanned version.
13.5 In the event of any dispute, the Laws of the Emirate of Dubai and the Federal laws of the United Arab Emirates shall apply under the jurisdiction of competent court, failing an amicable settlement within 15 (fifteen) days of being notified in writing by the aggrieved party to make good any loss incurred or damage caused thereto.


Subscription Fees Charges
Monthly Membership Fee AED 130
Secondary Members AED 55 per member per month
Trip Length Charges
0-10 kilometres AED 75
10-20 kilometres AED 90
20-30 kilometres AED 110
30-40 kilometres AED 125
40-50 kilometres AED 150
50-60 kilometres AED 180
60-70 kilometres AED 210
70 kilometres and above By arrangement