About  Buddys

Step into Buddys, where we've turned doggy day care into a tail-wagging extravaganza!

It's the spot where every day is a play date, complete with socializing, pampering, a canine café to satisfy those sophisticated taste buds, a doggy happy hour for the true party animals, and, of course, our exclusive Power Nap spot for the pup who knows the importance of beauty sleep.

Say goodbye to ordinary day care – at Buddys, it's a pawsitively amazing world of fun! Come on over, because here, dogs don't just visit, they know how to throw a paw-ty!

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Buddy's is the ultimate destination for throwing a bash your furry or little ones won't forget! From private parties to our epic community events, we know how to bring the woof, meow, and giggle to the party. Our event specialists will create a magical setting to make your celebration extra special, and don't miss out on our drool-worthy custom cakes from The Woof Bakery!

Want to host your own paw-some soiree?


They're not just our team, they're the guardians of canine happiness, the furry friendship enablers, and the treat-tossing maestros



Currently with Buddys, where working with animals is my favorite professional experience. Outside of work, I find solace at the beach for relaxation.



For a decade, I've raised dogs, currently adding flair at Buddys. It's more of a passion than a job. Beyond that, I'm an artist, dedicating my free time to crafting unique artworks.



Driving in the UAE for years, I transformed into a dog enthusiast at Buddys, growing genuinely attached to these furry companions.



I've owned two pet businesses and currently thrive as a content creator in marketing. Buddys isn't just a job; it's my daily passion, making work a joy.



Joined Buddys in July 2023, loving it since 2011 for my deep passion for pets.



Grooming for 2 years in South Africa, then 3 in the UAE, now rocking it at Buddys for a few months. Former dog breeder with six pups—living my dream job since age five!